Winter Solutions

Rolling stock anti-icing

The Nordic Anti-icing system is purely designed for preventive treatment of rolling stock with the use of a special fluid mixed with water. The liquid remains on the treated surfaces as a protective layer and prevents ice build-ups. The fluid is sprayed on boogies and selected sections of the underframe of the train. The excess of the fluid is filtered and re-used.

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Infrastructure anti-icing

Infrastructure – Railway infrastructure critical components protection against winter conditions is key to safe operations.
1. Ice build-ups on catenary will block fluent operations and speed-up wear-out process of pantograph components.
2. Switch blocked because of snow and ice, can deorganize local or country-wide operations.

Ancillary systems

The weather gates seals tightly around the entire vehicle, from the sides, above and below. They are customised for the specific opening complete with dock shelter, electrical installation, control and integration of the signal system. We provide the whole installation and commissioning.